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Billy Palumbo is an experimental filmmaker and writer. His films, including Document, Memoir and William Joseph (Billy) Palumbo 1988 - ____ interrogate authorial control in the filmmaking process and display Billy’s irreverent sense of humor. He is an MFA candidate in Media Art at Emerson College, where he received a BA in Film Production. He is the founding Co-director of the New England Graduate Media Symposium. Email him at Palumbo.william@gmail.com.



Anto’s practice in martial arts (4th degree black belt, Karate-Do) has guided her work towards the psychophysical acting, physical theater and Asian performing arts. In 2009 she wrote an investigation about physical theatre and the performer’s interaction and dialog on stage using martial arts principles. This research lead her to meet and take several workshops with Elias Cohen, Minako Seki, Juan Carlos Montagna and Phillip Zarrilli among other artists of this line of work. From 2007 to 2012 Anto became Technical Producer of the Santiago a Mil International Performing Arts Festival in Chile. From 2010 to 2012 she was part of the experimental theater company Compañía Interno with director, dramatist, professor and actor Juan Carlos Montagna. In 2012, Anto begins to explore audiovisual arts after completing a year diploma in fiction scriptwriting and she is currently an MFA Graduate Student in the Visual and Media Arts department at Emerson College.




Born in Humble, TX, Liss LaFleur’ is a documentary storyteller & visual artist working across multiple media platforms. Documenting highly engaging stories that address and redress various forms of marginalization, her work investigates through a feminist and queer analysis how our identity, connectedness, loss, and historic parallelism interact in a world full of mediated social and historical constructs. Her award winning films: NONNI (2013), Part of Me (2011) and DO SI DO (2010) have been screened internationally and praised for "exemplary cinematography" that creates "a visual mosaic capturing the spirit of unique individuals. LaFleur’ is currently an MFA Fellow in the Media Art program at Emerson College, and received a BFA in Photography and a BA in Art History with honors from the University of North Texas. She is the Founder & acting Co-director of the New England Graduate Media Symposium, and is currently employed at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA. Email her at Lisslafleur@gmail.com.



Sofia was born in 1987, in Ponta Delgada. She graduated in Painting, from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, studied Directing at RESTART and Photography at the Portuguese Institute of Photography. She participated in several group exhibitions between 2009 and 2013, in Lisbon, Ponta Delgada, Nazaré and Porto. Sofia produced and/or directed short-films like Xéco-Russo (2010), Gato (2011), Ritual (2011) e Coisa Bela (2012). Sofia also directed Storyteller (2011), a videoclip featuring Joal’s dance music, Aos meus Avós (2012) a documental piece for the homonym and itinerant Sandra Hung’s theather play and Alma Penada (2012) a dance for camera piece for the contemporary dance show Résvés by the colective 37.25. In 2013 Sofia worked as a photojournalist trainee at VISÃO magazine. She is currently studying in Boston where she enroled in the Media Art MFA program, at Emerson College.



Born in 1989 in Tehran, Samira Norouznasseri is a filmmaker from Iran, who makes fiction and experimental films. Her films such as The Bright Frame, Dog Under the Rain and Chocolate Chip Cookies investigate how individual’s identity is affected by the ways in which power dynamics work in nuclear family structure through experimental storytelling. She received her BA in film from Art University of Tehran where she started making her first short films. In 2012 she moved to Boston, US to pursue her art practice and education. Samira is currently an MFA Fellow in The Media Arts program at Emerson College.



Jennifer Kelley is a Boston based documentary filmmaker and freelance editor. She received her undergraduate degree in Film and Television from Boston University and is currently an MFA student in the Media Art program at Emerson College. Ms. Kelley’s films examine matters related to human rights, social justice, gender equality and environmental responsibility.

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