Sponsored by the Visual and Media Arts Department at Emerson College

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To get involved please submit the form below and we will contact you with more information!



Organizing Commitee*

The Organizing Committee will help plan and cordinate all venue locations, get sponsorship from various local venders and organizations, assist managing calendars, e-mail and website, ensure deadlines are being met and work with the Curatorial Committee to ensure events are on schedule.  


Curatorial Committee*

The Curatorial Committee will help ensure that the work and activities presented surrounding NEGMS thematically and conceptually coincides with this years theme.  They will help decide the best format for the event, including number of panel presnetations, length and order, plan additional gallery exhibitions, workshops or screenings to help augment presentations if needed, coordinate with outside artists and venues for other events that can work in tandem with NEGMS, and screen and select work to be shown for the event.  


Outreach Volunteers

Volunteers will help to promote the event through various social media outlets, newspapers, fliers and other web and print materials as well as visiting relevent events such as graduate and local openings, screenings and organizations to help spread the word about NEGMS submissions and events.  


Day Of Volunteer

The purpose of this role is to facilitate and designate all of the volunteers to differing positions the day of the symposium. Their goal is to make sure that the operational aspects of the symposium run smoothly, this can include making sure panelists are ready and in place, timekeeping, and preparing technical operations including mics and DVDs. In preparation they will contact volunteers and participants, and will make a schedule to accommodate the personnel needs for the event.



*All committee members will meet once or twice a month as a group leading up to the event and will require differing amounts of time. Working as a committee member will also give you an advantage to plan and organize the following year's theme and event! Please feel free to ask us any questions!