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Unsettling: Reexaminations of Home
Unsettling: Reexaminations of Home
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As divisive US government policies increasingly emphasize the legal definitions of residency, citizenship, and origin, the concept of Home undergoes complex reframing. Unsettling: Reexaminations of Home will explore topics related to the shifting, at times contradictory definitions of home: as a place of origin defined by borders and familial or cultural lineage; as spaces of safety and belonging that move with people as they migrate or face displacement due to political, personal, or natural circumstances; and as non-places located in community interactions rather than specific sites.

Artist in contemporary video art and photography

Born 1969 in Kazakhstan

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Almaty, Kazakhstan

"I explore the nature of a specific Egregore, a shared cultural psychic experience, which manifests itself as a specific thought-form among the people(s) of the ancient, arid and dusty Steppes between the Caspian Sea, Baikonur and Altai in today’s Kazakhstan."

Almagul Menlibayeva

Guest Speaker: Almagul Menlibayeva




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